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Ball Pythons For Sale

Please email me if interested in any of our ball pythons.

Be sure to read our Terms of Sale BEFORE making a purchase.

We accept PayPal, Credit Cards (through Square), Cash, or Checks (Funds must clear before shipping or taking possession of animal.)


***UPDATED 10/6/14***
**Sale Prices! Prices subject to change**

*Prices do not include shipping, unless otherwise stated*

2014’s Ready Now:
1.0 Black Potion (mahogany mojave) $700
2.2 Mahogany $175m $275f (PH Albino)
1.0 Cinnamon Mojave 100% Het Clown $500
1.2 100% Het Clown $60m $115
0.1 Super Pastel Leopard – $900 (PH Pied)
1.0 Leopard Spinner $700 (PH Pied)
1.2 Leopard Pastel – $400m $500f (PH Pied)
1.0 Cinnamon Leopard – $425 (PH Pied)
1.0 Pewter Leopard – $725 (Has the “het leopard” stripe)
1.0 Pastel Pied $450 – $550
1.2 Pastel 100% Het Pied $45m $125f each
3.0 100% Het Pied $25m
0.0.10 Normals $15 each
1.0 Black Pastel Lesser Enchi $750
1.1 Black Pastel Enchi $250m $350f
0.1 Black Pastel Lesser $475
1.0 Lesser $50
0.1 Pastave $275

1.0 FireFly 375gr – $175
1.0 Killer Bee Paradox (probable Fire) 500+ gr (locked up a couple times late this year) – $445
3.0 Mahogany (50% PH albino) – $300
1.0 Mystic 450+ $140
0.1 Champagne Pinstripe 515 gr – $425
0.1 Leopard Mojave 730gr – $1200
1.0 Stinger Bee YellowBelly (Enchi x Spider x YellowBelly) 585gr – $750
1.0 ’12 Spider (Probable Vanilla) Approx 800 grams – $75
0.1 Pastel (proven breeder) – $225



Pictures and exact weights available through email by request for serious inquiries ONLY!

Offers considered on multiple snake purchases.

We are FedEx approved to ship reptiles in the lower 48.

Thanks for Looking!



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  1. Julio Garcia says:

    Hello Troy,

    That female black pastel 66% het i purchased from you in August is just beautiful man, she is putting on weight real good she even out weighs one of my males born in may 12′. im still very happy with my purchase and hoping she proves out for me one day. Again thanks keep up the good work.

  2. Brittany Lewis says:

    Hi! I am slightly new to breeding ball pythons. I am now wanting to gain some morphs. What morph should I start out with? Or start out with a het? Thanks!

    • admin says: (Author)

      Hey Brittany-
      Great Question!
      First, You have to start with something you can afford.
      Then, you really just need to find something that excites you, as far as coloration, and potential combos you want to make down the road.
      Lastly, if multiple morphs fit into those two categories, then I would say find one that is available from a trusted breeder with a good reputation and go for it!
      As far as “hets” go, some of the recessive genes are really nice (Piebald, Albino, etc) but a het looks just like a normal, so it is even more important to get it from a trusted breeder and ask for paperwork to show it’s genetics.

  3. Jala says:

    Are the piebald babies, normal piebalds? And how much do the babies go for?

    • admin says: (Author)

      Hello, Everything I currently have for sale is listed on this page. I don’t have any piebalds right now, but do expect to have some later this summer.

  4. Shane says:

    That is the most beautiful Lesser i have ever seen! Too bad its not a female, I would have jumped right on it!

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